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U Travels - Budget travel with personnel care and trust


AYUBOWAN – May You Live Longer. 


U Travels established in 2011 with a team of hospitality experts from Sri Lanka. The core team of U Travels were working at leading hotels in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Middle Eastern countries and professionally qualified in the hospitality industry.

Sri Lanka “wonder of Asia” well known tourist destination in the world with “smiling people”, we being Sri Lankan company, you will experience true values of our culture.

We can tailor make your holiday package as per your exact requirements to Sri Lanka a diverse destination with an amazing range of experiences including a stay in Maldives enrich with beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs.   

BUDGET TRAVEL” with our motto and with our vision providing the pathway to travellers around the globe affordable holiday without compromising comfort, quality and safety.

Presently based in Sri Lanka with a sales offices in Australia and Dubai, U Travels becoming a trusted travel partner among large clientele around the globe. 

With the sense of service, U Travels do not use external source of marketing than word of mouth and personnel recommendation, which we believe as the best marketing tool.

Our well-trained staff committed to provide personalized service to all our customers making the pathway to our trusted excellence.

Our Team in Colombo warmly invite you to be our distinguished guest and experience true Sri Lankan hospitality with U Travels.

TrincoTrincomalee is an ancient port city is both extraordinarily beautiful and legendary. Let’s begin with the name; ‘Tiru kona Malai’ meaning the mountain sacred to Konesvara (Shiva) or the Tirukoneswaren temple that is atop the northernmost tip of Fort Fredrick 110 meters high on ‘Swami’ rock.

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Glimpse of Sri Lankan Leopard

Le1le2An exhilarating and heady experience to say the least, how this shy animal wandered in to the upscale property is anyone’s guess. The Sri Lankan leopard, ‘panthera pardus kotiya’, is a powerful and graceful big cat closely related to lions, panthers, and tigers and is classified in the Sri Lanka National Red List and globally by the IUCN as an endangered species. This could be attributed to the illegal encroachments, agricultural expansions and urban development.

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